Past Events

Write-ups, photos and videos of previous association events:

Wylye Valley - 17 April 2010 - a tour of rural Wiltshire churches

Basingstoke Trip - 25 June 2011 - a tour of recently worked on organ in the Basingstoke area

Organists' Workshop - 25 June 2011

West Sussex Trip - 17 September 2011 - Arundel and Chichester Cathedrals, and Westbourne parish church

President's Evening - 20 September 2011

Barry Williams Evening - 17 April 2012 - the Country's leading authority on legal matters pertaining to organists gave a talk to the WDAO and the RSCM Winchester area.

Simon Bell Masterclass - 12 May 2012 - The Winchester Assistant Director of Music gave a Style and Technique workshop on the North German Baroque and French Romantic schools of organ music on the magnificient Walker organ at Romsey Abbey.

John Scott Recital at the Royal Festival Hall Organ - 21 March 2014 - Recital details on the RFH website.

Schools' Organ Day - 31 March 2014 - 130 School Children experience the organ at Winchester Cathedral. A joint event between the WDAO, Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire Music Service, Foundation Music at the University of Winchester and the Royal College of Organists.

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